Termite Control in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

A serious infestation can cause major timber damage and result in huge repair costs. Worse, termites often go undetected until it’s too late. We stop an infestation in its tracks and protect your property, with environmentally friendly options also available.

Ranger Pest Control uses the latest technology in Termite detection and eradication. One of our most effective treatments, Termidor, establishes a protective perimeter around your property inside which Termites will not venture. Termidor provides protection for up to 8 years and Ranger Pest Control provides a 12 month warranty.

Termites are insects whose origins date back more than 100 million years ago.


Termites can be categorised into three basic categories.

  1. Dampwood termites:
    Generally live in damp rotting logs or rot pockets in dead or living trees.
  2. Drywood termites:
    Obtain water from the wood in which they live and have no contact with the soil, or with any other source of moisture.
  3. Subterranean Termites:
    Are generally ground dwelling or require contact with the soil or some constant source of moisture and are the main threat posed to timber in the built environment (timber in service).

Subterranean termites are widespread in Australia, causing substantial structural damage in urban areas. Subterranean termites occur in large colonies that live underground and feed on available wood.

Termites can enter a structure by tunnelling through wood or by building mud leads over or through cracks in foundation walls.

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